About Me

My name is Danielle. I am a proud animal lover, artist, wife and professional property manager.
I specialize in acrylic on canvas, although I have also dabbled in ceramics, sculpting and fiber arts. Acrylic on canvas has been my preferred art form since my introduction to it-more than 10 years ago. Take a look through my portfolio of currently available artwork as well as the page of previously sold and commissioned work. You will see my love of color which is evident in all of the work. Lets paint!

My love of art was inspired by past art instructors and individuals who provided new perspectives, as

well as new observations. My art technique and knowledge come from these former instructors, from

self-reading, and trial and error. Listening to what client’s desire when commissioning a piece ensures

their delight in the finished product. My love of art allows me to express myself as I paint the different

forms of beauty around me.